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Our Exam Rooms 
Stocked with everything we need for a routine check up...

Patients are monitored continuously during surgery for heart rate, resp rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. All surgeries have an intravenous catheter placed to maintain blood pressure and give IV access throughout surgery.

The Lab

The lab is equipped with a chemistry machine, a CBC machine, microscopes, an incubator, and a centrifuge. We can perform in house complete blood counts, chemistries, cytology , urinalysis and cultures.


Surgical prep
Surgical tools are cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave.

The Treatment Room
Medical Procedures are performed in the treatment room. This area has a treatment tub, oxygen and exam lighting, As well as diagnostic tools such as tonometry, otoscopes, opthalmoscopes and wood's lamps.

Our Comfort Room
If you have a patient in hospital, this is a quiet home-like environment for visiting. This is also a less stressful environment for our final care appointments for our beloved pets.